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where it all began…

We are family owned and operated, and have been in the holiday cheer business since the Chris Cringle days. A brother/sister duo with an eye for design and a love of mother nature.

Growing up our family owned a plant nursery, so wreath making was just one of the innate abilities that we learned from a young age. Now that we are older we hope to bring a fresh spin to an age old craft, offering handmade traditional wreaths, with greens harvested fresh daily. We are happiest in nature, and enjoy making it accessible to others.

As you can see not much has changed…
except for our height and possibly our maturity…

about our work

We are proud to be a Connecticut based company, operating out of Fairfield County.

We have a strong commitment to sustainability and the environment, and only harvest local, native greens from renewable forest resources that are never cut down, only harvested by pruning. This stimulates the trees and shrubs to produce healthy new growth, and assures a continual annual yield. The result? The freshest product, with the lowest environmental impact. A win-win for everyone!

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